Thursday, 10 January 2008

New Year

Its not easy to knit during summer, especially when its a hot one like this.
So I've kicked the sewing machine back into action. I made the girls dress-up capes and aprons for Christmas and a sun hat, which we have lost . . . Their room has a new orange and purple laundry bag and I've got some great retro Japanese fabric to make a similar one for the bathroom.
I finished a carry cot for the girls doll. Knit from a scarf that I knit years ago and made too wide. Its my third project with this wool and its the third one that hasn't turned out like I expected. There is a lot to be said for using(sticking to) patterns!
Next on the list . . .
finish that stupid jumper that I started a year ago
a hat & sweater for number three
- If I can find some Clekheaton merino bambino I'll be very excited
I've got a new book on felting and some colourful merino roving - get started on felting stuff

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