Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I got a coffee machine for my birthday! The fabulous El Mirage may soon go out of business now that I can whip up a cafe latte at home. Thank god I've got three demanding kids to watch or I'd be downing more than my current two a day.
I've finally finished my felt make-along yokie. Yes - Its March. You really do miss those three extra days in February. My sew mama sew dolls quilt is getting its finishing touches. I've got two weeks 'till the fourth birthday of its recipient.

And I've finally gotten two bags of craft projects together for handmade helps re-stash a crafter. I'm looking forward to the excuse of dropping them off to visit meet me at mikes this week! Each one has a sewing and a knitting project inside along with all the necessary haberdashery. I've also put a wee knitting one together for a kid somewhere.
My laptop ate my xD card today along with all my current photos and now it refuses to cooperate with my camera. So I'll stick up some pictures when I get it working again. . . . . dont hold your breath!

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