Thursday, 29 April 2010

Rainbow Quilts

100_5480, originally uploaded by triskele-threads.

My first major quilt project! Here are the rainbow quilts that I made for the girls for Christmas - drying in the sunshine before Winter set in. The tops are made from 90% recycled Op-shopped pillowcases . Orange and red pillowcases were the hardest to come by, with an abundance of blue! I hand quilted parallel lines across each width in different hues of the corresponding colour. The backing is the top sheet that matches their fitted bed sheets. And the batting is a wool blend. I think I would pick cotton batting if I was gonna do it all again.


  1. i loved your quilt so much that i have decided to try my hand at quilting and have been searching op-shops for fabric (and quilting shops but they are so expensive!) to make one very similar to yours. Thanks for the inspiration. i hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours.

    -Gemma, Allora QLD

    1. Thank you Gemma. Good luck with your sewing.


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