Sunday, 4 July 2010


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Inspired by this - and then this -  I started to knit on Wednesday, hoping to have one by the weekend just for me.

Of course I didn't get enough wool and when I went back to Spotlight (on a quick in and out mission) with three kiddos in tow, in the rain on Friday afternoon there was none left.

Damn damn triple damn I let slip, to my kiddos delight. Damn Damn what mama? All three singing damn damn triple damn to the tune of ba ba black sheep in the wool aisle of spotlight while I searched desperately for another ball of Vera Moda Mousse #34 !

Anyway - I was going to have one of these finished for the weekend - even if it wasn't for me! So I cast on in some pink Patons Jet that I had left over from the childs shalom that I knit for Kiddo #1 a few months back - and here it is, a Simple Knitted Vest for Kiddo #2. So simple, so rewarding. Thank you Leonie.

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  1. great vest - I think we'll see lots more of these appearing around the place. It's certainly on my list after reading Leonie's post - so easy!
    And thank-you for the gorgeous red washcloth that arrived today - I can't bear the thought of it being used on the dishes, so it's going to be washing my face instead!


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