Tuesday, 17 August 2010

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Divining Spring - I am trying to call this my last knitting project for a while, as I've got some sewing projects on my mind and every time I stop knitting something I've got a desperate urge to cast on something else - Its out of control and taking over my subconscious! And really how many woolly things does a newborn summer babe really need.  Its this pattern from Drops.

My first attempt at this (6 weeks pregnant I might add) was disastrous, but the picture on Rav was just so cute I tried it again with a nicer wool in a better colour and on smaller than the recommended 4mms and its nearly finished in less than two days. So there you go.

Here is a photo of the finished Cocoon from last week.

More creative spaces over here - http://www.kootoyoo.com/

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