Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Creative Space

Practice makes, erm, ...... slightly better? This is doll hair for the doll I was working on last week. I'm wondering how different or how much easier it is to use a wheel as opposed to the drop spindle.  Not that I've got any room for a  wheel here in our titchy house! Unless it was suspended from the ceiling and I could levitate its just not gonna happen. This spindle method requires much pre-draughting (drafting?) before you even get to the spin part.  I've got waaaay to much twist, causing my wool to twist back on itself and my pre-draughted roving keeps breaking at inappropriate moments!  Anyone know a spinning teacher in Melbourne?  Think I'm going to drop in to the Spinners and Weavers tomorrow for some guidance.   More creative spaces over here -


  1. I love the color combination of the yarn. Good luck with the project!

  2. I know nothing about spinning but this looks like perfect hair to me.

  3. I think you yarn looks fabulous, perhaps it wasn’t the look you were going for, but to me it looks like that really expensive interesting yarn that I like to use, but just can’t justify the costs for my beginner crocheting skills!

  4. Beautiful colours and actually, I love the 'thicks' and 'thins' for hair! Can't help musing over all the advantage (leaving a messy house behind?) levitation would bring...


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