Friday, 16 September 2011


I use cloth nappies. I've used them on my littlest since she was about six weeks old;  Shes now nine months.  I use flat terry toweling nappies in a kite fold with a snappy and wool covers.  I was skeptical that this would work, but amazingly I have not had any leaks.  It took me a while to figure it all out, so I hope this helps someone else who might be contemplating their nappying options.

Six years ago when Duv was born, I got the nappy service as a gift.  It was expensive enough, I can't remember now how much, but they would come once a week and pick up the old smelly nappies and replace them with laundered new ones.  In theory it was great, but it never worked for me.  I didn't have any proper covers, I struggled with plastic tie on things, and they were flannelette, so the snappy didn't work.  I remember having to change her clothes nearly every time I had to change a nappy because they leaked all over the place.  I gave up after about four months.

I  used disposables for the next two kids and it was only when I saw my sister in law using wool covers over flat cloth nappies with her son that I learned about using wool as a nappy cover.  Well if only I 'd known six years before! Knitting I can do.  When I found out  I was expecting again I went on a huge knitting spree and one of the fist things I knit was the Vanilla Soaker.

To make it 'waterproof' you mix a tablespoon of Lansinoh (or lanolin) with few drops of wool soak and a quater cup of boling water in a bowl.  Stir this briskly to dissolve the lanolin, then top up with a few cups of cold water.  Let the soaker sit in the lanolin mix for a while then squeeze the excess water out and let it dry - this can take a few days.  The idea is that the soaker  absorbs the lanolin, which gives the wool waterproof qualities, while also drawing the urea out of the wet nappy.   Repeat this on the soaker if you start to notice it loosing a little of its waterproofing.

So I've knitted a few soakers since then.  My primary goal in using cloth is to save money.  I picked up a half a dozen Baboonies that were factory seconds,  another 12 terry toweling nappies and most of the soakers I've knitted using leftovers.  The bamboo nappies are the most absorbent, so I use these if we are going out for the day.  I also have four all in one nappies.  These have a waterproof outer and a pocket that you stuff with a pad.  These are also bamboo and they get used overnight.  Sometimes I  use a disposable overnight.  It has worked out very economical.  I've got about four soakers on the go at one time and I rotate them with each nappy change.  My two favorites are the Vanilla soaker, which is a great pattern and a great soaker.   And the Spare Ribs soaker which ticks all the boxes for me. A ribbed crotch is a great benefit when it comes to fitting your soaker over a flat terry nappy.  I've also used the Itchy Fingers pattern, which is in this picture.  Its a very versatile pattern, but lacks the ribbing at the crotch and the Curly Purly soaker, this one has a great waistband.

Next on my list to try out is the Franatic Mama soaker.  I'll let you know how it goes. . . .

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  1. I too use cloth nappies. :) I mainly use prefolds instead of plats and have knit wool covers as well. I too like the curly purly waistband.


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