Monday, 16 January 2012


What ever happened to kippers for breakfast. I finally found somewhere that served fish (sardines) for breakfast this morning, Dench in North Fitzroy.  It was on the 'specials' board, so it may have been a once off.  It was delicious, served on their bread with a salsa on top. I am more and more surprised that given I live in the Brunswick/Fitzroy area of Melbourne that there are not more dairy/egg free options available on menus.  Occasionally there will be a gluten free option, but even the baked beans have goats feta or a dollop of ricotta at most places.  The hardest part of this diet I'm on is eating out.

I've added a few new hats to my ETSY shop triskele-threads this week, and I'm still working on knitting patterns.  I'm learning a lot along the way.  Its not as easy as I thought it would be, but I'm enjoying the process.  I'm going to do my own technical editing.  Technical editing, something I didn't even know existed as a career a few weeks ago is beginning to appeal to me as a career, however it looks as though you've got to carve a name for yourself based on experience and recommendations rather than any formal training, which I would struggle with I think. Well the lack of formal training bit anyway. 

My man and kids are away.  They've been gone since yesterday morning.  I weaned my 13 month old baby at Christmas and last night was the first night in six and three quarter years that I slept in a house devoid of children.  They will be back tonight.  I hope I will be calmer for the break I've had from them. 

The house is relatively tidy and clean.  I've washed and dried the sheets on six beds. That in itself took a day.  I even lifted up the mattresses and vacuumed underneath.  I have never done this before, man it was gross under there. I did five loads of laundry yesterday and scrubbed the cooker.

I feel there is a constant struggle between me needing to clean and tidy and put order on things in my house and spending quality time with my kids. Like sitting down to play snakes and ladders or to just draw with them.  Or maybe its just having a baby around means that there really is no time to sit down. Any way I look at it I'm always behind trying to catch up.  Hopefully I can try to relax with them more for the next few weeks.  Soon I'm going to have a prep and a grade one in school full time.  This year will be easier for sure.

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