Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vegan Baking

I've been (almost) vegan for about six months now.  I'm a 'vegan' for health, not beliefs, so I'm still eating fish and seafood and egg white, so I can't quite say vegan.  Its been a challenge that we've overcome quite easily really.  I've substituted butter for olive oil and meat for a huge variety of beans, and we've discovered the amazing world of spices.   I thought I was pretty adventurous with the spices before.  I'd toss in a bit of cumin with my avocado for example, but now we make an Ethiopian lentil curry that has 13 spices in it! We are buying cumin and turmeric by the truckload from the Indian shop. 

The hardest part of the diet change for me has been the lack of sweet and baked stuff.  (I'm missing chocolate desperately). So I've been searching and trying out vegan baking recepies all over the place.  A couple of days ago when it was 35+ degrees outside Osgar wanted to bake something, so I knocked of two birds. A no-bake vegan cookie.

Ok, so I need to work on the presentation, but seriously, these are so yummie that you would have a hard time believing they are vegan.  You would have a harder time believing that they've got no sugar in em. Anyway.  I'd like to share the recipe for fudge peanut butter and chocolate cookies which I found here. These are a massive hit with me and the kids and the man.

I've been working away on my crochet hats this week. And a few fairy wands and crowns  These colours that I'm using are feeling all summery like the weather and by chance match the colours in the painting there.  My mum painted it and gave it to me this Christmas.  Its really beautiful.

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