Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Yarn Along

I'm off to my knitting group tonight were I am itching to knit and knit and get my Whisper finished.  I tried it on the other night for the first time (just love how you can do that with these cardis that are knit in one piece) and I'm so yearning to get it finished now so I can wear it!

I whizzed through the short rows after watching Cat Bhordi's you-tube video.  I've used her videos in the past.  I watch them with the volume down and I've found them really helpful.  So now on to the last part.  Rows and rows of stocking stitch.  Easy peasy.

A couple of skeins of Malabrigo worsted arrived yesterday, one for a pixie hat for Tadhg.  Shes nearly 6 and I think she actually might be a pixie when she grow up. She said "it needs to be really pointy and be able to tie under the chin".  And a blue one for Dubhessa to knit herself a shrug.  I'm thinking of a simple pattern in one piece knit in the round to the armpit then flat across the back.  I trawled Ravery last night but couldn't find a good pattern, so we may have to wing it.

We are reading  still The Secret Garden.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Your Whisper is looking lovely. It is such a sweet pattern. Oh, I love pixie hats. Can't wait to see it, no pressure now :) Jacinta

  2. Such a lovely colour your are knitting with, looking forward to seeing it on you :) And the pixie hat should be fun. Hope you enjoyed your knitting night.

  3. I've been itching to knit and knit too lately, but everything else seems to be taking precedence. Hope you got that chance at your group. It looks like a sweet pattern and the yarn is lovely. :)


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