Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Yarn Along

Knitting in the car at night by the light of the glovebox. Dark, out of focus, and a bit fuzzy. Just like I'm feeling. I've got the shingles. I'm sure I didn't feel that stressed, but when I sat down and looked at all I was trying to fit in my days, clearly, I was stressed. I am the person who puts their hand up, every time. I need to remember that I have four young kids, who came along In a relatively short space of time and being their mother is enough for now.

So I'm on enforced relaxation. My lovely doctor recommended a week minimum of complete rest. Her philosophy is, for a family to be healthy the mother must be healthy. "If this were 50 years ago, you would be sent of on convalescence". When did that go out of fashion I wonder. This seems out of the question to me. We have four kids! If I don't help that means he has to do it all. And there is nothing more stressful than watching your beloved do all the domestic and child related duties, while you lie on the couch and knit. Which is what I've been doing. Knitting is allowed, surely! I will be finishing this Tiny Tea Leaves tonight. I will be wrangling with Multnomah for several days after that. Last night we finished The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. What a great book. I've just ordered the next three in the series .

Today, somewhere between putting a load of laundry on and scraping some of the kids dinner from last night of my sock, I realised rest at home was actually an impossible feat for me. So we're off to stay with grandparents. Who will hopefully mollycoddle me(us) back to a healthy state before next week. Oh and shingles, well, it sort of feels like your skin is being pricked with razors and the codeine makes you constipated. Not pleasant! Happy knitting. X


  1. Your project is going to be so pretty. I hope you feel better soon!


  2. Oh my gosh! I'm sorry you're having to cope with the shingles. Hopefully time with the grandparents will be restful for you and busy for the kids.

  3. Oh, so much sympathy for you! My best friend had shingles recently and said it was like her skin was on fire at the nerve endings all along the side of her body and it just throbbed. Hope it clears up quickly and that you can get the rest and support you need. I found resting after my caesarean with Emerson and one four year old child at home with hubby difficult, let alone four! Thank goodness for Grandparents. All the best. xx


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