Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Yarn Along

I went wool shopping yesterday. I went here -they have all types of lush stuff.  I wandered around for ages, I'm so indecisive in places like that. Places where I just want to buy everything.  I once spent an hour and a half in a wool shop in Dublin. Is that normal? They we're nearly ready to offer me a cup of tea, in fact if I ever own a wool shop I think cups of tea for customers like me will be mandatory.  I'll have a kettle on the boil and a couple of nice comfy chairs and access to Ravelry all over the place.

Anway, I wanted some special wool for a scarf for my mums birthday. She's into pinks.  I wanted a little silky something, but all the Noro there was so dark.  In the end they had a sample lacy scarf beside the Zauberball stand and it looked pretty nice, so I went with that. I cast on three different scarves before I settled on this one. Its an easy repeat I can pick it up and put it down.  I'm still obsessing about Petra. I may just have to order some wool for it right now!

I'm reading my Frankie mag.  My beautiful sister got me another years subscription.  Its the best.

Happy Knitting!


  1. He he, I like your mandatory cups of tea and Ravelry access all over the place in your wool store. It's a no brainer, I reckon!

  2. One of the LYS here has an electric kettle and assorted tea bags and mugs for customers to use. It makes going there for "sit and knit" even better :)

    They also do periodic pot-luck dinners, which are also fun.


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