Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Yarn Along

Making progress on Tea with Jan & Bread. Using this beautiful dark handspun alpaca.  Its fluffy and delicious and I think it will turn out to be a fluffy delicious jumper.  She wants something "comfy that makes me want to stroll through the country side with a thermos of hot chocolate." I think it will fulfill that request.  Personally I love how there are lots of little bits of twigs and gorse stuck in the wool.  Do you love knitting with handspun?

We are well into Prince Caspian now.  Its shaping up to be a great adventure and the kids are delighted that young Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter are back for this one.

 Osgar has started a third day of Kinder this term.  Its made a huge difference to my week.  The balance has tipped and the two days we now spend together are precious.  I'm adoring and grateful for the extended time I now have with my baby big 2 year old.  She is as cute as a button, a little joker, thoroughly independent and... she naps.  Two hours if I leave her.  My house is a quiet, peaceful bomb site.  Almost bliss. Its a stunningly beautiful Melbourne winters day today, not a cloud in the sky. I went to the market this morning to listen to Dear Ceder sing, have a coffee with Belinda and knit handspun alpaca in the sunshine. Beautiful.  You can't help but be happy on a sunny Winter's day can ya? Is the sun shining where you are? Is there a simle on your face too?

Happy Knitting!


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