Monday, 12 August 2013

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

There's a little florist called Cecilia Fox near where I live.  I have to drive by it on the way to and from school pickup.   The last week or so there's been an exhibition featuring the woven work of Maryanne Moody.  

Alongside the exhibition is a project called Weave a While.  A (rather large) loom has been suspended in the shop window with a basket of very random wool underneath. Anyone is welcome to come in and have a go at finger weaving a section or two.  So at the weekend I went along and gave it  try.  I could have been there all day to be honest.  It is rather addictive, not to mention time consuming.  And the best bit  - I'm entered in the competition to win the finished piece.

Happily this coincides perfectly with the next project we are starting at craft curriculum this week. A woven picture, all be it on a much smaller scale.  I'm super excited to start weaving and sharing my work with you here.

See what other folk have been crafting at Nicole's place today.  


  1. This a beautiful idea. I bet it was a lot of fun to participate.


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