Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Its so wonderful to have some bright shiny weather this week. I had to take the winter coats out of a premature hibernation last week!

I'm working on this bassinet quilt for the babe. So far I haven't had to buy anything, its 100% leftovers, even the backing which is such a cute fabric. I used it to make the party bags for the four year olds birthday party a few weeks ago.

I'm going to have a try at machine quilting it today, so I'll probably need to get some quilting thread and needles. I really wanted to try out the free motion quilting, but I don't have a darning foot and according to the Metro sewing centre the one required for my machine (janome 419s) is sold out across Australia and on back order at Janome!

So I'm going to try to do one long spiral starting at the centre and working out to the edge. Its a bit exciting and a bit scary - I sort of feel, oooo what if I f it up and on the other hand, shr its only leftovers, the only investment so far was time. Here goes.

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  1. I love the apple fabric!! Have fun with the new venture - pity about the piece yo need being out of stock! Always the way... :-)


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