Monday, 15 November 2010


You know when you see a picture of something very cute on the web and you just have to drop everything that you're doing and make one straight away. Well that happened me yesterday.
For some bizarre reason there was nothing more important than making and having a little black amigurumi teddy . . . . for the baby of course. So I used this great cute free pattern from Teddy Bears Wednesday, et voila . . . .well almost.  I struggle with faces.  So he remains faceless until I further inspiration grips me.

This is my second go at amigurumi and I'm struggling with keeping the stitches tight, especially on the smaller pieces, such as the arms and legs, so the stuffing is poking through the dc holes a bit.  Is there a secret?

This is a picture of Jazzie (a sister for Zoe), the doll I made for Tadhg for her 4th Birthday.  I was quite pleased with her hair in the end, her face however is another story!  Told you I'm crap at faces!  It truly is an art form.

And one last doll, again for the baby, for her first Christmas.  Both these dolls are based on patterns from the Making Waldorf Dolls book I have mentioned before.  Highly recommended book.

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  1. I like your dolls and amigurumi, they`re so pretty :)


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