Monday, 7 November 2011


I was very (very) happy when my man surprised me with an Ashford Spinning Wheel for our 7th wedding anniversary in September.  He got it on ebay and it needs some tweaking (I'm not sure the fishing tackle is standard issue) .... however, it is doing just fine at the moment.  I've done some spinning, in fits and starts using a drop spindle over the last year and a half, but man, the wheel is just so much faster.  This is my first bobbin of hand-spun 2-ply mixy matchy, what was to hand at the time, wool. 

Now I'm just wondering when my 3 year old boy is going to be old enough to be in the same room as the wheel without trying to dismantle it. For the moment its home is on top of the chest of drawers in my bedroom, a little inconvenient, but I think me and the wheel (like me and the man) are looking forward to a long happy future together.

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