Thursday, 10 November 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginnys Yarn Along.
I am still knitting my Tea Leaves, though I'm very close to finished now, thanks to a lovely evening of knitting with some great women last night. Sadhbh is turning one this month, and its only now that I feel like I've got enough energy to go out and do something on a school night.
I've been leafing through a library book called 'The Shyness Breakthrough' looking for some guidance in helping Tadhg. Shes had her first orientation this week for Prep, which she will start next year.  I think she will be just fine. This book is all common sense, and I like the way he gives you a step by step approach to overcome shyness.  Now -  to knock off this Tea Leaves!

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  1. lovely tea leaves, i am close to finally casting on for my own. such a pretty sweater.


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