Sunday, 19 February 2012

Crochet Rug

I had stashed all these scraps of orange/yellow fabric and some old cot sheets with plans of making a huge Gods Eye over the Summer.  A fun activity the girls could get into and something to attract the bees to the veggie patch.

Summer is nearly over and the pile of orange and yellow was still looking at me on Saturday begging to be used.  I  halfheartedly started cutting long strips of each colour and rolling them into balls. Then I started to think what a waste it would be to put these beautiful colours in the sun and the wind and the rain where they are bound to fade and eventually look tatty and sad. Then I started to think how beautiful they would look crochet into a massive floor rug for the kids room. Then I got really excited, and wished I'd been more careful cutting up the first sheet and I couldn't wait to find my massive crochet hook and start crocheting fabric strips.

Now I realise that I haven't got nearly enough fabric to make a massive floor rug! I'll have to go opshopping. Should I stick with the yellow/red/orange? Should I go rainbow? One more colour? Two? The possibilities are endless.

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