Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Yarn Along

Gee, the week ticks along quickly.  I am working away on my Sweet Peasy. On the 3.5mms its slow, but enjoyable going. I'm just doing a couple or rows in the evenings before bed, because the lace is impossible (for me) if the kids are around!  You know,  k2, yo whats that, you need your bum wiped, ok ....... 3 hours later, right, where was I?

I've finished the lace section now, so no more thinking required. Just plain and purl all the way.  I'm knitting the sleeves on circulars using magic loop, cause I gave up seaming a while ago. Seaming is so 20th Century. Is it just me?  I just cant see myself knitting anything that needs seaming ever again.

I've been perusing this fab book that I won in a giveaway on The Red Thread. Craft books keep me quiet for hours, this one is aimed at kids, but I'm loving the pictures.

In the background are our newly sanded and oiled floor boards Troy just finished this room last week.  Can you believe that they have spent the last 20 or so years under 500mm of cement topped off with ceramic floor tiles?

Happy Yarn Along.

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  1. your knitting is really pretty and oh i love your floors, i wish those were hiding under ours.


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