Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Yarn Along

I'm finished the sleeves and on the home straight now with my Sweet Peasy, but not after a knitting emergency at the weekend.  I purchased two balls of this lush wool when I was last in Ireland, checking rigorously that they came from the same dyelot.  So I was nothing less then horrified when on Saturday afternoon in the knitting light of day I discovered that there is a shocking difference in the depth of blue in each of the two balls. Having attached the second ball to knit sleeve one I realised that there was no way these balls could be from the same dye lot.  Anyway I have now put things in perspective.  This is after all a cardigan for a seven year old to wear to school. I have done my best to swap balls here and there and create a symmetry in the colour changes on the sleeves. I consulted with a knitting friend and  it will be fine, or so I keep reassuring myself.

I'm perusing vegan cookbooks this week looking for inspiration, and not being very inspired really.  {start rant} I do not want to eat soy cream cheese made with hydrogenated vegetable oil.  It kills me the way these books throw around vegan pastrami and vegan cheese as ingredients like they are real food.  They are not real food. {end rant} If anyone can recommend a vegan cookbook that does not use substitutes for non-vegan food, such as cheese and meat I would love to hear about it.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I am glad you put the color difference in perspective because really it will be fine. I think as the Knitter we pick up every imperfection. I think it looks lovely.
    I like Natalia Rose's books on eating. She does a lot of raw foods, but everything is FOOD.
    Have a happy yarn along.

  2. I hate when that dye-lot-thing happens, and it happens more often than you would think. I guess it's just very very difficult with hand dyed fibers to get them just right. But....like you said--your seven year old is just going to love it and will most definitely not care a bit about some funky color changes. In fact, that might actually make it more appealling!!

  3. Oh no, I hate it when that happens. Hopefully it won't be that visible and your kiddo will be thrilled with his new sweater.

  4. Sorry about the dye problems. Maybe you could contact the mfg about it to let them know (for future projects).

    I'm not a vegan, by I do like the cookbook, Veganomican: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by Moskowitz & Romero.

  5. agg! switching every two rows should alliviate the problem. and i think it's often the case with beautiful hand dyed yarns these days. i don't like too much pooling and color disparity either, but love the gorgeous wools out there.

    oh dear, i feel the same way about fake foods. i'm afraid i've not got a soultion. but my nutritionist would probably say a diet with lots of greens, veggies, protein in the form of nuts seeds and grains (i eat wild fish, so not a true vegan)is best.


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