Thursday, 1 March 2012

Creative Space

The thing with needle felting is that I never know when to stop.  Is that enough? Or do I need a little more. Is it OK to have some fibers sticking out here and there or does every single one need to be neatly tucked into another.   I usually just quit when I've had enough.  This little doll is for Dubhessa's Class 1 Autumnal  seasonal table.  I wanted to use what I had rather than go buy roving especially for her.  I didn't have enough bright orange and I didn't have a really fine felting needle, but she has turned out OK.  . I used some pipe cleaners to form the shape and then padded it out with some raw roving I had for spinning.  She took me two evenings of stab stab stab, which I think the man sitting on the couch beside me found a bit disturbing.  He kept turning the volume up.

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