Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yarn Along

I've finished my Sweet Peasy and I'm very pleased. Despite my dyelot episode and a clear error (on my part I guess) with the lace section resulting in it being unsymmetrical, it has turned out beautifully. Dubhessa is in love with it and it delights me to see her love hand knitted cardigans for school so much.  She was very proud heading off to school this morning, and she told me she didn't take it off all day, even though she spilled a bowl of water on herself.

I am tossing up several options for my next knit, including a lacy shawl for me, a lacy cowl each for the girls with the leftover Malabrigo and I also have some needle cases to make and a knititng pattern to finish.  But in the mean time my "in-the-meantime" project is this crochet rug for the kids bedroom.  I made another giant ball of chopped up op shop sheet yesterday. And I'm slowly adding ring after ring after ring, increasing here and there and watching it grow.  In my head  its about a foot wider on the radius and there are some dark greens and blues in there.  Ikea Life arrived yesterday, so I'm flicking through that and wishing that I had more original art on my walls.   

Happy Yarn Along

disclaimer - I am a fish eating sort of vegan for health reasons ;)


  1. I love that rug! The sweater is fantastic too but that rug, my, I LOVE it! You are really making it from ripped sheets? I need to get into that..

  2. peasy turned out nicely!!! but the rug is AMAZING!!!! how creative!

  3. Beautiful Sweet Peasy and love your label!


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