Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Yarn Along

On the pins this week is a hybrid Hive/Wurm hat.  I got this worsted Malabrigo in Dublin at Christmas. Its lush.  I've used it before for a couple of infinity cowls and it ends up piling horribly for me, but its softness is next to none. Because its a single ply? Its such an easy satisfying knit and will be finished today.  Its currently 28.7C, no idea what that is in F, sorry! But is hot.  Hot and dry and windy. We get this type of hot weather all the time in Melbourne.  The desert air blows down from the north and its like standing in front of a massive hair blow dryer. So I will not be wearing my Wrum/Hive hat later today once it is finished.

I'm reading the Craft INC book again. I need to do some work on publicising my shop and I'm hoping this book will unlock the secret for me!

I'm feeling a bit crushed today, eBay style.  You know when you get outbid at the last minute. We are looking for a piano for Dubhessa, who's turning 7 in two weeks. Anyway, onward and upwards, something will turn up! I've just gotta trust the universe. So I'm posting an update on my crochet rug also as its bright and cheery and every time I look at it I'm happy.

Happy knitting!


  1. 82*F :) You can use google to figure it out, but 82* =28* so I always remember that one ;)
    Actually it is about that here too- luckily the humidity hasn't hit us. So it feels warm, but not too hot!
    I like the yarn you are using. Lovely yarns do make a project fun don't they?

  2. oh my gosh your rug is completley charming, i love it! and the malabrigo is such a wonderful wool, love that too.

    i can't shop on ebay for just that reason, it is crushing when someone swoops in at 10 seconds left on an auction. if you have your heart set on something. best of luck finding another piano!


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