Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Today, driving Osgar to kinder, I passed Troy and the girls on their tandem tag-a-long cycling to school.  I beeped and they waved as I drove along side them to the next set of lights, then we blew kisses as they turned off.  I smiled all the way to kinder.

I'd only said goodbye to them 10 minutes before. We were in a rush, trying not to be in a rush, stressed and trying not to be stressed about getting four children and two adults out of the door.  I'm sure I wasn't smiling.   I'm going to try and keep that image of them cycling up St.Georges Road laughing and smiling in my head tomorrow morning. I'm going to go slowly and smile at them and wave goodbye and blow kisses.

The window ledge is covered in these green crochets. I've been inventing my own motifs the last few days.  Once you've hooked up 13 or so its pretty easy to improvise!  I'm running out of green wool scraps so looks like I might have to visit the wool shop tomorrow, bummer eh?

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