Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Motif a Day in May #1

May is a tough month.   In fact I turned the calender over the other day to mark  kinder duty for my son Osgars birthday and fully expected to see June there at the top.  I stared in bewilderment when I saw it was May, not June this month. I thought it was his birthday next week. I've even got his present already, and was starting to stress about not finishing his doll on time.  Its actually not for 5 more weeks!

 May in Ireland is the start of Summer, new beginnings cherry blossoms, longer evenings.  Even after 9 years in Melbourne when someone says May to me I think .. yay ...Summers coming (Not that the Irish Summer is up to much to be honest with you!).  Then I remember its the opposite here.  So to get my mind of it and to challenge myself to something that it most probably impossible for me, I'm joining Kate in a A motif a day in May. 

I got a bag of green ball ends at the Kinder fete for $1 a couple of weeks ago.  I'm going to crochet up some pretty little motifs like this one and make them into a pretty garland for the kitchen.  If I get 31 of them made and its hanging in my kitchen by June 1st it means that one or several of my kids will have been deprived of freshly laundered clothes this month.

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