Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yarn Along

I'm in knitting disarray at the moment. I started a Vanadium last week, but I'm uncertain that the wool that I've got is going to work for me. It's malabrigo sock yarn and I just couldn't seem to get the gague right. So it's on hold. Its one of those times where I've got the wool for a cardi but I just haven't found the right pattern yet!

I've ordered wool for a man hat for the man, but it hasn't arrived and so I cast on a Violet last night. A wee dress for the wee-est one. Its some bendigo woolen mills and it's machine wash, ideal for a 17 month old. I'm hoping it'll be a quick mindless knit that will keep my hands busy until the malabrigo chunky arrives for the hat.

I got this book in Dublin at Christmas as a gift for my father in law, and I just can't bear to part with it. It gives me a giggle every time I open it up. It's full of quotations, definitions and explanations of things Irish, which if you are Irish seem like they need no explanation at all. I now understand why I get blank stares from people here when I ask them if there is any craic to be had . . . .

Happy knitting. I can't seem to get Ginny's button working on my iPad blogger . . .


  1. oh, that violet dress looks adorable, i absolutely love sweater dresses! good luck with it!

  2. I love the violet dress! It has such a nice drape :) I hope you find the right pattern for your wool!

  3. i hope all your projects get started soon! that book sounds like a fun read, someday i'd love to go to ireland!

  4. oh no!! vanadium must be made one day!
    Maybe the sock needs to be for a Hannah Fettic wispy number??
    That lil' dress is cute as pie!


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