Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Motif a Day in May #5 & #6

#6 from today. I finally overcame my fear of Japanese crochet patterns and look .... tis just like the picture!  This website helped me heaps, but I'm a convert for sure.  Its going to be a bit too floppy for bunting I think, but it will look great embellishing something I reckon.  I can't remember where this pattern is from but gets you to make hundreds of these and join them together in a scarf.   Well maybe not hundreds, but way more than I'm ever going to make.

The one below is yesterdays #5, a lotus flower.  Make three of these and you've got yourself a lovely cuff.  My whole clan is sick today.  All four kids and us two . . . We've been sipping spicy fish soup and hot lemon drinks with peppermint and lemon balm from the garden.  Hope we're on the mend tomorrow, this house is too small for six sick grumpies!

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