Monday, 7 May 2012

A Motif a Day in May #7

Today is feeling easier.  The kids are all still home, but so is Troy. The sun is streaming in through the window. The clothes are drying outside. My head feels lighter.

I just made creamy almond butter for the first time in the food processor. When I tired before I seemed to end up with just almond meal and gave up.  The secret is to not give up.  It took about 10 minutes of whizzing.  I'm looking forward to giving it to the kids on rice crackers at lunch time.  Yay for one less thing on the supermarket shopping list.

I've just  finished tagging and wrapping up this yummy Noro Shawl, which I knitted on behalf of Tadhgs prep class as a farewell for the prep teacher who is sadly leaving this week.  She'll be missed. I'll take Tadhg in to school this afternoon for the afternoon tea so we can give it to her. I'm anxious to see how this is going to affect Tadhg over the next few weeks.  We had a horrible year last year.   Although she loved Kinder she did not love me dropping her off.  It was halfway through term 4 before she stopped crying and clinging to me when I left.  I was reassured that she was happy out again withing 5 minutes of me leaving. . . but man I just felt rotten until I picked her up again.  School has been going better for her with a few wobbly days here and there.  I'm hoping she'll take this change in her stride.

I'm not really excited about this sort of hexagon, today's #7, but I'm loving my row of green crochet gathering on the window sill and thinking about where I'm going to hang them in the kitchen when they are done.  

 On a completely different topic. How long should I wait for my wool from the states to arrive before I start to stress that its not coming?  I ordered 10th April . . . I have been checking the post box hopefully since a week later, obviously a bit enthusiastic of me.  Its been a month .. now I'm starting to get worried.  Have customs taken it? Did someone nick it out of my mailbox? Did it ever get posted?  Am I being paranoid?  How long does your wool take to arrive?  Do you wait patiently, or impatiently like me!

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