Saturday, 2 June 2012

The satisfying feeling . .

There is a very satisfying feeling when something makes it of my worktable and into its new home, even if its still only 90% finished.  I think this rug will remain at 90% for a while until I finally get sick of the sticking out ends. I also need to sew some non slip backing on to it so it stops sliding around on the floor. 

Its on the floor of the kids room.  We have bunk beds on either side and this rug fits perfectly between them. Yes all four of kiddos in the same room.  Its very squeezy!  I decided on a rainbow of colours in the end for this rug.  I didn't know how it would turn out when I started as I only had the yellows and oranges. in scrap fabric and sheets.   I loved the way that every colour I added changed the look so dramatically.  I think it turned out exactly as it should have.

There is a  rainbow painted on one wall of the room and the other walls are painted blue like the sky with white clouds around the edges.  And of course there are their rainbow quilts.  I'm going to start calling it the rainbow room. I love the way the winter light came into this room in the afternoon on Thursday when I took these photos and the bare branches of the plum tree outside our house made shadows on the floor. Sunny crisp winters days really are to be treasured.


  1. hi dee, i came from yarnalong, but saw this and had to tell you it's gorgeous!! how pretty the room sounds, i love it.
    congratulations on finishing!


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