Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Yarn Along

I  finally published a pattern on Ravelry this week. 

Its a very simple pattern for a toddler neck-warmer/cowl and its free, so go have a look if you have a little one whose neck might be in need of some warmth this Winter.

I've got a million knitting projects on the go at the minute. Well maybe not quite a million. There's Multnomah, my Market Bag, some little items for my shop, and the cutest of them all these little mittens for Sadhbh.  Ok. So there are four knitting projects on the go. Still it feels like a million, perhaps because of all the ripping out I'm having to do. I've had to rip back half my market bag and eight rows of Multnomah. 

My head is feeling hectic and I keep getting distracted by other creative projects, for Dubhessas classroom and Osgars birthday, and a feeling that I really need to get to my sewing machine and sew something soon.   I really want to get both  these big knitting proejcts finished, so I can immerse myself in just one thing for a while.  And feel a bit calmer.

I'm still reading Second Chance Mother.  Slowly!

Happy Knitting!


  1. What an adorable neckwarmer Dee, Congratulations on your pattern. I hope one day to have another little one here so I can use your pattern!

  2. Gorgeous neck warmer and such a sweet babe of yours. So lovely to see another Victorian joining in with Yarn Along. Isn't it the perfect weather for knitting. Jacinta


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