Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Yarn Along

A tiny tea leaves for Tadhg. I'm using some wool that we reclaimed from a couple of cardis that I knit for the girls two years ago that weren't getting worn. This is how my Grandma would have done it, live it frugal and recycle.

We are joining in the read aloud along over here and reading The Rats of NIMH. When I say we I mean, I am reading the book aloud to the kids. We are getting through it quite slowly and I cant help thinking most of it must be going over their heads. I cant seem to manage more than one chapter a night, I'm just so exhausted by bedtime! They seem to be following the general story and eager to hear more, so I'll keep going. I'm definitely enjoying it. I never got to read this one as a kid.

Happy Knitting!


  1. i love the repurposing your doing, i had a grandmother like that too. sweet tea leaves!

  2. Tea leaves is such a lovely pattern isn't it. I need to get cracking on mine, as it is so cold. Happy knitting! Jacinta


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