Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Yarn Along

My brain is overflowing with things I need to knit. It seems like I can't sit still until I've got at least 6 different things cast on the pins. And Dubhessa has been bitten by the knitting bug this winter too. Shes been able to knit since she was three and a half (crikey, what was I thinking!) but since they started knitting in school this term shes developed a passion for it. I got the 'just wait till I've finished this row' line a few times this evening. That's my line! I'll be looking for a few easy patterns for her over the next few days, as shes over knitting headbands and scarfs! Any recommendations for a 7 year old?

This is a little children's cowl for my shop. Its Malabrigo worsted, of course in a divine pink red colour combo.

And I've added the dolls jumper pattern from last time to my free ravelry downloads. Take a squizz if you're intersted in dolls and dressing them.

I'm off to knitting group where I'll hopefully make some headway into a Tiny Tea leaves.  Its a good knitting group project, not too much concentrating required. 

Happy Knitting!


  1. That yarn is just beautiful - so happy to have found your blog full of handmade goodness.

  2. How about dish cloths? or socks out of worsted yarn so progress is seen.

  3. how darling your wee girl knitting. has she done hats? the simplist is a rectangle sewn up one side and gathered at the end, or hand warmers using the same idea, a narrower rectangle sewn up leaving room for the thumb. very simple and cute!
    love your pink malabrigo.

    1. The hat is a great idea Lori. It might even encourage her to wear one. She has just finished her fingerless mitts this week and hasn't taken them off, even in school!


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