Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Yarn Along

I put my head down this week, I pushed all ideas and thoughts of other projects to the back of my mind (especially those of hats).  Apart from one wee order for my shop all I've knitted is my Whisper.  And its paid off 'cause I'm only about 10 rows of stocking stitch away from casting off.  I got a couple of rows in this morning in the almost Spring sunshine on the grass.  I'm sure I'll be casting it off tonight . . . and maybe wearing it tomorrow!  Its pretty exciting.

I ran into a problem that I guess you come across when knitting cardigans with sock wool.  Serious colour pooling in the long flat sections. I've been alternating between two balls and I had some rows where I was breaking the yarn three times a row in attempts to stop the pooling.  In the end I've given up . . . and I think it will look fine. 

We're into the home stretch of The Secret Garden.  If you have any good recommendations for chapter books to read to the kids when we are finished I'd love to hear them.  Osgar is 4, Tadhg is 5 and Dubhessa is 7.

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