Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yarn Along

 My sister gifted me this wool last Christmas.  A hand dyed skein by LHogan.  It might have been this one, but I've lost the sleeve. I never would have bought this, not in a million years, but I love it.  I love how it is knitting up, how many different colours there are (at least 8) and how it is making my first Milo turn out.  This will be for Sadhbh.  I'm making size two and hoping it fits her next year as well.  Do you think I will have enough wool left to make a size one for my niece? Fingers crossed.  The girls live on opposite sides of the world, it would be very cool if they had matching Milos. 

I've 'finished' my Whisper.  I am probably going to pull the end out and do the bind off again, maybe add a row or two of garter first.  Then I might get around to weaving the last loose end in.  Until then I will continue wearing it, and ignore the fact that its curling up at the bottom and there are loose bits of wool hanging off it!  Osgar took this photo, he is 4, and a boy and I was terrified giving him the camera, but he didn't drop it/scratch it/press all the buttons at once, and he didn't take a terrible photo either. Who do you get to take photos of you in your newly knitted loveliness?  I do really love it, my whisper and I'll be wearing the ass off it this spring/summer.  I can tell.

We are reading the last chapter of The Secret Garden tonight.
I'll be op shopping for a new book this weekend.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Your whisper turned out great, I really like the color you choose, too. The milo is going to be very pretty, I love the little owl you added.

  2. Two gorgeous knits! The milo reminds me of bubblegum ice-cream with it's swirl of colours. Yum! :)


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