Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yarn Along

Despite my best efforts I seem to be cutting it fine with the 1st of Jan deadline for this shawl.  Actually it needs to be finished by the 28th, which is when we go visit the birthday lady.  And I've got to do some research on how to block it too.

I've spent a couple of hours along the way ripping out rows stitch by stitch and there is one tiny mistake, but all in all I've surprised myself at how easily (however slowly!) this project has come together. And I'm so looking forward to getting it finished and seeing the lace come to life once its blocked.  It think its gong to be stunning.

For some bizarre reason I felt compelled to start a school cardigan for Dubhessa at the weekend. Erm, school only ends for the summer holidays this Friday and its 6 weeks till they go back, so I've no idea why I felt the need to get started.  So I spent the weekend knitting the first few inches of a Sweet Peasy instead.  Maybe I'm fearing the end of this big project and idle hands.

I'm reading famous five books to the girls and looking forward to some new reading material over Christmas!

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