Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Yarn Along

Oh, its been a while! I've been knitting and crocheting and sewing the hems on miles and miles of muslin for classrooms, but with four little ones home from school/kinder over the break I didn't get much of a chance or inclining to do the bloggie thing.  I love the holidays and I don't think they are long enough, but I've put the grief of school starting behind me and I'm looking forward to a new rhythm this year. 

I started this Sweet Peasy when I was almost finished my Semele late last year, and its nearly there.  I'll cast it off tonight and start on the button bands.  I used a 4ply, becuase I found it on sale in the right colour - man, I found it hard to find a good 4py girls cardigan pattern in English, so I knit the Sweet Peasy, which is in 8 ply in the size up (9-10) and its fitting my 8 year old.  My second Sweet Peasy and I managed to get the lace panel right this time.

 I took these photos for Rav yesterday and I wanted to share them.  I attended a fantastic doll making course last year and I made these two beauties in their Poppy Cardigans for my big girls for Christmas.  And my Semele because I am proud to have finished it with only one teeny tiny very minor mistake.

My boy insists on being in every photo I take, unless I want to take a photo specifically of him.  Then he runs away.  This is what most of them look like before a bit of cropping!

I'm reading How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.  My sis gave it to me for Christmas.  It sure is bringing out my inner feminist!

Happy Knitting!


  1. dee all your knits look beautiful! the dolls are fantastic, what a great job you did on those, and how fun to take a doll making class.
    your shawl is lovely, i'm off to ravelry now to see the pattern.
    your boy is a darling helper!

  2. Your dolls are gorgeous! I love their abundant hair.

    1. Thank you! The hair wool came from Germany - its pretty special alright.

  3. Ah, those dolls! I taught myself how to make Waldorf dolls (the fabulous Macristan Sealy book) and am in the middle of writing a blogpost about one (and catching up on my blog reading!!) I especially love the knitted cardigans, I'm hoping a friend of mine will make little knits for the dolls I make, they are just so cute (and I don't knit, sadly)


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