Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Craft Along

These beautiful Gods-eyes or wrapped stars are from the first week of the Steiner Craft Curriculum course I'm doing this year.  Its so great to be learning how to bring these crafts to children in a gentle imaginative way.

This is a craft that children would normally do in late prep or class one. Circling is the impulse, which helps prepare the child for writing.  The two shapes are the star with three sticks, which is a soft gentle shape and the cross with two sticks which is a very strong shape.

When I was doing my homework, everyone wanted in on the action. First we had to go hunting for sticks, later we all sat round together, some slow, some fast wrapping wool round and round.  Even Osgar managed to make a gods-eye (the one with black in it) in one sitting.

The are so pretty. I'm going to keep them till all the leaves fall off the plum tree in front of our house and then hang them up out there.  Joining in with Nicole @ Craft Along this week.


  1. Hi thanks for visiting Hands Follow Heart and leaving a comment about the dolls. Those Gods-eyes are beautiful. My 6 year is starting grade 1 next Spetember and I'm sure she would really enjoy making one.

  2. I've been sorting out my studio and have BOXES of beautiful yarn I'll never crochet with... These would be so perfect. And I love the idea of finding the sticks first, we have two salley gardens of thin willow sticks that would be perfect :-)

    1. They are soo much fun! Your kids would love them.

  3. The colors are beautiful. What a beautiful craft!


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