Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Yarn Along

I'm knitting a Sunnyside for Sadhbh and dreaming about knitting an Agnes for me. I got about 315 meters of beautiful dark grey baby alpaca at a closing down sale for a complete steal a while ago.  I was just going to knit a scarf and a few hats, but now I've fallen in love with Agnes and this wool would be absolutely perfect, so I've started a hunt for another 300 or so meters! Nothing like a good wool hunt.  Its not quite wool hunting weather here in Melbourne we're looking at a 10 day stretch of 35C+ - Hello Autumn - ahem. Have you knit an Agnes - Is it fabulous? Do you wear it every day?
Did you use Quince and Co Puffin?

I found this list on GeekDad the other day - I can't remember how I ended up there. If I linked to it  from your blog - thank you! Its a list of quality books to read to your kids before they turn 10.  I'm so excited and inspired and hoping to get to the library soon.  We have been flat out on the Enid Blyton Famous Five/Secret Seven/Mysteries books here for too long and I'm ready for a change.  We've already read quite a few of these, but I think we'll start with the Borrowers or the Chronicles of Narnia.

Happy Knitting - I hope its a bit cooler where you are!

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  1. You always have the most beautiful yarns! And beautiful knitting!! I just popped over to say Happy St. Patrick's Day !!


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