Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Yarn Along

"Being treated kind, you grow kind. Being treated sensitively you grow gentle. Being treated honest, you grow honest" This book I'm reading "Raising Girls" by Steve Biddulph is just full of  great affirmations. This one really resounds with me and I'm trying to remember it in those difficult parenting moments that you have with both girls and boys. And I'm only up to page 46! My mother in law gave it to me for my birthday. I have a feeling I'll be referring to it a lot in the coming 16 or so years. . .

I have be obsessed with knitting an Agnes for a couple of weeks now.  O b s e s s e d. I spent hours on the phone and finally sourced all the wool I needed from three different Spotlight stores around Victoria no less. I was very grateful of their postage service, as I think I would have driven anywhere go get this dark grey baby alpaca (I had 7 balls and needed another 7). I cast on a couple of nights ago.  I have other more pressing things I should be working on, like the Peg Doll Swap and Dubhessa's 8th birthday present, but as I mentioned, I have been obsessed with this Agnes.  I have pictured myself wearing it with a hundred different outfits at least every fifteen minutes today.  Its nice and bulky and will be a quick knit. Do you ever find yourself this obsessed with a knitting project?

Happy Knitting!


  1. I've recently come around to all the motivational quotes and affirmations people post to instagram/facebook etc. I used to think they're phooey but I've recently started running and so much of it is about remaining positive.

    the alpaca yarn sounds dreamy, are you knitting the quince and co agnes?

    1. Yes - the Quince & Co Agnes, they recommend using Puffin, but that's a single ply and pills horribly from what I've seen. This baby alpaca is is a bulky 2 ply - its totally lush.

      Good luck with the running - I need to find the motivation for something like that somewhere sometime.

  2. Ah, Agnes obsessed! Yes, ell, I can freely admit to being totally obsessed with knitting projects frequently!
    AS well as choosing the right yarn colour for a project!
    Can't wait to see you in it!
    Are you doing the contrasting pockets??

  3. I have just ordered that book, I LOVED Raising Boys and Manhood... Look forward to this one!


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