Monday, 22 April 2013

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

These are the first knitting projects that the kids undertake in Class One.  Some kids can already knit by this stage, but for the majority this is their first time with knitting needles.  At some schools the kids will actually make their own needles from some lengths of 8mm dowl sharpened at one end, sanded, oiled and finished with a bead, or gumnut on the end.   Kids of this age will use 16ply wool on their 8mm's in class we used 6mms and 4 ply.

The very first thing they will knit will be a square in one colour.  This square can then become a cat, a sheep, a bird or any little creature you can imagine with a little loose stuffing and sewing.   I guess to an adult we really have to use our imagination here, but to a child of 7, it really does look like a cat or a sheep.  Thats my sheep up there - looks more like a cat to me!  I struggled with the looseness of this little sheep, as my instinct was to sew it all up,  stuff it to the max and make it actually look like a sheep.  But I resisted.

The next knitting project, which will most likely happen a little later in the year is the shepherd or doll.   This is also essentially a knitted square, using more colours this time. A little finishing and stuffing, some knotted on hair and there you have it.   Below is the doll that my daughter knit in Class One last year.  She was so very proud of it and it is much loved.  You can see for comparison the size difference between the 8ply and 16ply wool.  Knitting is continued all the way through to the later grades in a Steiner school - I'm looking forward to the Fair Isle later this year.

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  1. Lovely dollies, ladies.
    Loving that sheep in cat's clothing!


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