Monday, 20 May 2013

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

My class two/ three temperament gnome finished this week.  Yes, he has a blue face.  Real life face colours were not allowed here. Yes, that was a challenge for me!  By class three the child's most dominant temperament will be noticeable and shows itself most between the ages of 7 and 14.  More reading here if you are interested. This knitted doll should represent in a way the temperament of the child who makes it mainly through the choice of colours.  By the time you reach adulthood your dominant temperament has mellowed,  although I've chosen blues and purples, melancholic I 'aint!  


You may (or may not) have noticed that in all the craft I've done for my course so far there's been no sight of the colour green. Well, its coming! The 9 year old crossing is a significant transition in every child's life after which the colour green is introduced to craft and drawing.  This is followed strictly in some schools and not so in others.  When Dubhessa was at Kinder she consistently came home with drawings of beach scenes.  I assumed it was because she loved our beach holidays so much.  She told me later on that she had to draw beach scenes because there was no green crayon to draw grass! Shes in class two now and has since learned how to use her yellow and blue crayons to make a beautiful green if she needs to. 

See what other folk have been crafting at Nicole's place today. 

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