Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yarn Along

Did I say adventure!?! I think I cast my handpun Milo on 5 times in total.  Not knowing the gauge of my wool or really the correct needles to use and of course guessing at both had something to do with it.  I managed to knit the whole bodice at one point only to realise that it would have fit me.  I finally decided to go with the NB size and 5mm needles.  Its going great, but I have run out of wool . . . .

Its a good excuse to practice some more spinning. I just hope I don't miraculously manage to nail it and get a beautifully even yarn this time!  

Tadhg brought her school cardi (Sweet Peasy in Malabrigo Sock) home in a state of disrepair on Friday.  Its been sitting like this ever since.  I don't know where or how to start mending.  I think I'll just cast on a tea leaves for her instead.  Dubhessa wore this cardi for 18 months and never so much as pulled a thread.  Tadhg in 3 months has trashed it. She lives hard and plays hard that girl!  Beautiful sisters so very different.  Reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  My girls don't know what Turkish Delight is! We are thinking of trying to make some. Anyone out there ever tried or got a favourite recipe?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Your hand spun yarn is beautiful! I also love the pattern Milo. We have three of them here. I'm too struggling with raglan a sweater I'm trying to knit. I'm at my third cast on! But I think I got it now. I look forward to seeing your Milo finished.

  2. Thanks Luciana. Yes, the Milo pattern is a good one. x

  3. A friend used the darning directions on Knitty.com to repair a hole in a blanket and the repair is barely visible.
    I've never made Turkish Delight, but my English grandmother likes it - she prefers the rose flavor which I completely dislike.

    1. Great tip - thank you. Hopefully I can find some scraps of the wool somewhere.


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