Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Yarn Along

Three kids at school and kinder and the littlest napping.  The sun shining in the window on top of me, a cuppa spearmint tea and a medjool date roll beside me. Bliss.

I'm knitting socks, toe up, two at a time on a big long circular.  I knit my last pair of sock using the Spice Man pattern and it was really good.  These socks are for the kids, so I got the Spice Kid pattern.  It doesn't detail how to do two at a time, but I saw a friend doing it a while back at knitting club so I'm giving it a go. I've got myself into one tangle so far! But since that I've been super careful to turn the ball so the separate strands don't get muddled.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it asks to redistribute stitches yet.  Any advice?

I got this ball of Poems sock yarn at the Kyneton wool shop a few weeks ago.  Its such a reasonably priced sock wool, and comes in a great range of colours, but its not fun to pull back.  The twist is quite loose and its almost felting itself together as you knit. Here's hoping I don't have to do much of that!

We're nearing the end of The Magician's Nephew.  Its been a great read. I'm loving this older children's fiction phase that we've entered.  I seem to have missed out on a lot of great books when I was younger. Looking forward to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe next.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Those Lewis books were the backdrop to many years of my childhood - I remember my Mum sitting on our beds trying to explain the concepts of symbolism and metaphor in the books. Great, great books. Lovely to find you via Y.A. :-)

  2. I also missed out on many excellent books as a kid which is why I love reading them to my kids now! Love, love, love read aloud time each day. :)

  3. i remember those blissful moments, enjoy! your socks look beautiful, and too tricky for me, i am a one at a time dpn sock knitter.

  4. What a glorious way to spend a day! Go mama! I'm finishing a cowl then I'm starting on socks too. Looking forward to making your hat too. xxxx

    1. I'll have to keep my eye out for Beaus vest :)


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