Monday, 29 April 2013

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

 Continuing on with my craft curriculum series, this is the sunburst cushion. The cat took a fancy to the sunburst cushion as soon as I put it down to take a photo.  It's a bit grey out right now, so I can't blame him.  Sunbeam stitches fill the hessian circle in this class two project, radiating out from the centre.  This filling of the circle goes hand in hand with how the class two children and gradually filling in the circle of their peer group and class.  The first side of my cushion is very tight and full.  Our teacher helped us look at ways that we can read a child's temperament from their sunbeam cushion, I'm not sure what this says about me! 

I tried a looser, lighter feel on the second side.  I think that the second side is more representative of what an 8 year olds cushion might look like.  My (not quite) circular cushions halves are sewn together with an over and over stitch around the edge and stuffed with wool.

I recently published a kids hat pattern on Ravelry.   Its called Pixie Tadhg.  I know its coming into the milder weather up there in the Northern Hemisphere, but you might like to have a look anyway.

See what other folk have been crafting at Nicole's place today.


  1. Oh, your sunburst cushion is a feast for the eyes, so bright and beautiful!
    warm greetings from Holland, sas

    1. Thanks Sas. I hope you are having a lovely Spring!

  2. I love those hats and yours is beautiful, great colour too! I really need to learn how to read knitting patterns so I can make it :)

    1. You-Tube is your knitting teacher! Be warned - its addictive.

  3. that hat is very cute. love the cushion as well

  4. Love the sunburst cushion. You can imagine how exciting it must be for the children to produce such a feast for the eyes.
    And your girl's eyes! the pixie hat of course is a grand pattern, thank you very much! Percy loves his to pieces.


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