Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Yarn Along

Thank you for all the gargeous & motivating comments last week.  They really helped me keep going as I painfully pulled out rows 54 to 48 stitch by stitch.  I promptly inserted a lifeline! ( In orange above!) I think I should add a few more of these along the way - whats a good frequency do you reckon?

Despite my setback I am loving knitting this shawl. Its so much fun watching the leaves appear and I keep hearing myself say "just one more row" in my head . . . its quite addictive.

I came across a great kids book this week.  I got it for my daughter, but I ended up reading it in the car while waiting to pick my son up from Kinder. Its called 'The Giggler Treatment' by Roddy Doyle. Hes an Irish author, you might know from his book 'The Commitments' which was made into a film in the 90s (if you are old enough!).  He is very Irish and very Dublin in his writing and he writes about the exact part of Dublin that I'm from.  How funny to find it in an op-shop in Melbourne! Anyway - this book is hilarious and just perfect for my 7 year old right now. Its got fairly big writing and a kooky sense of humour.  She loves Roald Dahl and its along the same lines.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Wow, this is the second time I have heard of the lifeline today! Weird! But it's a great idea! Definitely looks like it's very painstaking work to undo! I have that problem with something too if I stuff it up. I can only do one at a time reverse knitting with that too. Good luck with it, it is going to be beautiful!

  2. oh wow, the commitments, i loved that movie, i will have to look for that book. dublin! i can't wait to visit ireland, i've wanted to go forever. living in australia must be a big change.

    i would put in a lifeline at the beginning of every repeat. but really, what every your comfortable with, i don't think you can have too many when knitting lace. sometimes i have superstitions and leave them in until bind off is complete. your shawl looks beautiful dee!

    1. Thanks Lori,

      I think I'll take your advice and add them after every repeat. Hope you get to Ireland one day. Its a pretty special place! I'll point you in the direction of a good yarn shop in Dublin ;)



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